Getting Connected With BES

To connect via BES, the corporate firewall and Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) must be set to allow connections to the various IM servers. If you can get IM on your work PC, you should be able to connect via BES from your Blackberry. If IM on your work PC is blocked by the corporate firewall, it will most likely be blocked on your phone because the BES usually resides behind the corporate firewall.

If your firewall is set to allow connections and you still can not connect, send logs from your Blackberry to . To capture the logs:

After you attempt to sign on, go to the home screen for your Blackberry.

  1. Once there, hold down the left alt key and type lglg . This will bring up the built in Blackberry log utility.

  1. From the track wheel menu, choose "Copy Day's Events"

  1. Paste them into an email and relay them to . Yak On! logs errors to this log, and seeing it will help us further determine what the problem may be.